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How To

CéRITA is a place to develop a story that anyone can colaborate. The Author create the base story while others can write other part of it. CéRITA is the best place for you to practice your writing skill and develop your creative ideas.

After you login, select a category for your story. Tap on the Plus sign icon on the top right corner. A Form will be shown and you can type your base story in it. It's recommended to type your story in word processor or notepad first. Short description will be shown under the title in story list. As the author of your story, you're encouraged to create the Story Development Guide so others can develop a new part based on your criterias. For example: Character, time line, plot, etc. This guide will be shown when someone want to create a new part.

After you login, select a story where you want to add a new part. The new part can be inside another part. It doesn't have to be at the beginning of the story. Select the "Write another part for this story" button and fill the form. You must follow the Author guide that may be provided. Fill your new part at by clicking "Your Part" tab. The button may not exist if the part/story is being locked by the Author. You will have to choose other part/story that may be unlocked.

After you login, find the part that you have been written. An edit icon will be shown under on the left. Tap it to change the spart/story.

As an author, your story or part can be locked so no one else can add a new part in your story. You can only lock one part of a story at a time. You will have to lock manually for each part if you want to lock all of the part inside your story. Tap the padlock icon on the left in each part to lock or unlock a part.

As an author, you can delete a part or all of your story. Be very carefull since all parts of story that may be available inside of your deleted part will also be deleted and it can't be restored.